About Us

Kramer Industries is a multidiscipline family of companies that over the years started as a graphic arts firm and expanded into information systems and engineering.  The relationship between the disciplines became obvious early on as form and function provides superior design and computational capability enabled greater applications of a design.  As a client or partner with Kramer Industries, you will benefit from our experience in bringing a more diverse inter-disciplinary perspective to the table.

Real problems need real solutions that endure – not just satisfy for a moment. As technology advances, smart IT evolves and we discover more issues that can’t be expected in the start of the project because of it’s expanse.

People live in spaces that should be conducive to making life better and they should be supported by technology that seemlessly fits into that world.

Production covers the aspect that innovation often requires the building of something physical (even virtual at first) but there is so much to do in coordinating the manufacturing processes and bringing things together in supply chains, logistics, safety and the workers.

Finally, product is the stuff we create that provides the value and the innovation that chanes the work and how we live and interact. This repeats the cycle of creating and challenges or reveals things we were previously unable to see, driving improvement in our actions.

People drive need. Places define the enviroment and the business. Production answers the needs and gaps. Products provide consumption and delight.

Kramer Industires helps partner in all phases of Innovate, Define, Refine, Produce and Market to Consumer  to achieve your visions.

Our mission is to develop People, Places, Production, and Process in ways that create value by solving problems for all living things.


Advertising, Annimation, Audio/Visual Production, Graphic Design, Modeling, Publishing, Screen Printing/Embroidery, Signs/Decals, Theatrical Production

Meet The Team

While we may carry traditional titles and roles to operate the business, we wear no stripes or insist on heirarcies at Kramer Industries.  We are all one united by our vision, mission, and values, and we each operate with the mindset that we all have something to contribute and can fill in the gaps when and where necessary.  Just as you would expect from any highly efficient team.  As such, when you engage with Kramer Industries, you will always have a diverse set of people working on your behalf.


Kramer Industries is a family of multi-disciplined companies providing unique and comprehensive solutions to specific core competencies with the added value of vertically diverse perspectives.

Located in Michigan and Colorado, Kramer Industries has a global out reach having served clients in three major countries and two continents.

We serve Fortune 500 to individuals, public to private, profit to non-profit.